New Horry County parking ordinance could make it easier to get a ticket

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) Right now if an Horry County police officer wanted to give you a ticket for parking, they would have to wait until you got back to your car. But with this ordinance they can write you a ticket and walk away.

This is something only municipalities are able to do right now. Horry County Councilman Paul Price says this ordinance will help save the county's resources including police man power and money. It will also help in emergency situations, so your car won't be in the way. The ordinance refers to all county roadways, but you'll know the specific areas where you could get a ticket because of "No Parking" signs.

But when it comes to parking at the beach or in school zones, drivers say sometimes they can't help but park on the side of the road. Especially when parking is limited.

"I don't feel like it's right because if you have kids in a school zone and there's no other place for you to park, how are you supposed to get your kids," said driver Taylor Blackmon.

Councilman Price says it's a good way for the Public Safety Committee to be proactive when it comes to regulating parking in the county. The parking ordinance would take the Grand Strand further down the road to more paid parking lots. A new paid parking lot is in the works for the Garden City Beach area as well as in the northern part of Myrtle Beach near Restaurant Row. Both parking lots will have about 50 places for you to park, with paystations.

Grand Strand drivers are always fighting to find a good parking spot as the crowds grow during the height of tourist season. Some drivers who aren't willing to pay for a spot will have a tougher time finding a free and legal place to park.

"Sometimes you just have to park there because there's just so many cars in and out on these little roads back here," said driver Andrew Hunt. "It's crazy."

"It's according to the traffic flow," said driver Harry Foster. "And if there's supposed to be parking there in the first place. There's a lot to it."

Horry County officials say the new paid parking lots are expected to take effect in April.

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