Consider This: Special Event Permits

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Just when we thought the May controversy had settled, plans for the bike rallies might be changing yet again. Horry County Council supports reducing the special event permits from seven days to five days.

Consider This: County Council Chair, Tom Rice, made a good point that although a seven day special events permit is available, the bike rallies are the only groups who use it. Which means no other groups will be affected.

It is a tough job balancing the needs of residents while supporting the tourism industry that makes our area thrive. For the most part the bikers don't bother me, with the exception of the ones that don't follow the laws, but I don't live at ground zero either. A five day vendor permit seems like a reasonable compromise that provides some relief for local citizens and also allows bikers enough time to have some fun along the Grand Strand.

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