Students help with storm water project in Carolina Forest

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Storm water projects help keep us safe from pollutants when we hit local waterways and the ocean, and often make neighborhoods look better.

In Carolina Forest, the new recreation center and library needs a storm water wetland, so students from Ocean Bay Middle School are stepping in to help.

They are getting muddy and messy to learn more about the environment, and have some fun at the same time creating a wetland.

Cindy Lilly, who is a teacher, said, "They had a ball, now what kid doesn't like mud."

Karen Fuss, who educates people on the environment at Coastal Carolina University, commented it's not all fun and games.

Teachers agree that what these students are doing will make a huge difference.

Lilly explained, "It became very personal to them. It's their neighborhood, their community and they want it better."

The kids are learning from the experts, the Horry County Storm Water Management Department.

Dave Fuss, who works for the department said, "Those plants will help take up some of the pollutants and filter things out, provide some wildlife habitat and also make it look nice."

When the rain comes down and runs off of parking lots and rooftops, the wetlands get to work to keep you safe.

"It makes me feel good that I'm helping the planet and the community making it look better and just helping the world, " said Jade Shankle who is a student.

Teachers want students to understand that learning about science is wonderful, but using it to better our environment is what really matters.

This is a win-win because the county, the school and Coastal Carolina University are all sharing resources to make this project a success.

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