Consider This: Rush Limbaugh

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Rush Limbaugh, known for his absurd comments, has once again inserted his foot into mouth. And this time he may have pushed it too far.

Consider This: For years Rush Limbaugh was the poster child for the saying "all publicity is good publicity" but his recent comments have backfired on him. Advertisers are dropping faster than flies in a Raid testing facility and staunch Republicans are distancing themselves from the radio host. One political operative summed up the sentiment saying Rush Limbaugh can't deliver a pizza, let alone a vote.

My personal views lean towards the conservative side, but I can't relate to a blowhard like Rush. It's not that his recent comments are worse than past statements; more likely it's that Rush Limbaugh is just becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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