Drunken boating charges changed in SC deaths

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - Prosecutors have dropped boating under the influence charges in the deaths of two women in a crash on Lake Murray nearly two years ago.

Prosecutors in Columbia on Monday said they will use reckless homicide charges as they prosecute 26-year-old Steven Kranendonk for driving his boat into another boat carrying the victims.

Kelli Bullard, 25, of Lexington and 24-year-old Amber Golden of Huntsville, AL, died in the crash May 1, 2010.

Prosecutor Carter Potts did not explain why the previous charges of homicide from driving a boat while intoxicated were set aside.

Natural Resources officers testified later Monday that Kranendonk passed initial sobriety checks within two hours of the crash. His blood alcohol level was later tested at 0.11%. The legal limit in South Carolina is 0.08%.

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