SCDOT: keeping up roads you drive help break the bank

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) SCDOT said it's the maintenance of roadways and the other 11,000 miles of roadway in Horry County that are helping to break the bank.

It's also statewide, as reports say they have the fourth largest amount of highways to maintain in the United States, more than 41,000 miles.

Some SCDOT representatives say if they can cut down on the number of roads to take care of, then they can cut down their money problems.

Road maintenance drains thousands of dollars out of their account, with even small secondary roads costing around $16,000 dollars to fix. Especially when it comes to counties like Horry County, which are continuing to grow the number of roads and highways, all while SCDOT still has the same number of staff and equipment to handle the workload.

SCDOT Maintenance said its current financial situation is forcing employees to pick and choose.

"You know the budget and the financial situation we're in, of course the more money we have the more we can do," said Shannon Welch with SCDOT Maintenance. "So we try to just fix the absolute roads that really need it, that's in danger or that could be a safety hazard. That's the number one priority that we work on."

Some SCDOT representatives also say if cities and counties were to take on some of their own road maintenance costs it would be a big help, and it would allow the agency to spend more time and money on fixing major highways.

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