Grand Strand night clubs preparing for Spring Break

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Night club owners are getting ready for teens and college students headed to the Grand Strand for spring break.

Myrtle Beach Police discussed underage drinking at a recent meeting with night club owners, and the complaints the police department has had at some bars and clubs across the Grand Strand and how to cut down on the problem.

Police officers said it does come down to each establishment taking the responsibility to make sure the environment stays safe or there could be serious consequences. The office manager at Celebrations Nitelife Michael Arnold said they are hiring more staff right now offering locals jobs as what they call floor walkers.

They watch out for underage drinking by checking ID's at the door and giving out wrist bands and stamp marks. Arnold stated, "They look to see wrist bands and marks on customers and if there is someone under 21 they let management and our security guard know that it is someone under 21 may have a drink and they need to get out of the club."

Arnold said the employees do encourage people to take a cab home to keep drunk drivers off our streets. Joshua Rauzi, the General Manager at Diamond Cab said they are also preparing their drivers for spring breakers.

Rauzi said, "We offer group discounts and any discounts on a trip set up in advance if parents want to call in and pay for their children to pay over the phone." Rauzi added, "Sometimes it gets crazy so we have a meeting before spring break and teach drivers how to handle that situation and keep kids safe."

Rauzi said they are providing a safe ride program that is free for those who need a ride home on March 16-18 which is one of the peak times for spring breakers here along the Grand Strand. The goal is to save lives.

Rauzi said, "It could be anybody. On your way back from church and you've had absolutely nothing to drink but the buy next to you has and he crashes into the side of you."

Nightclub owners said they are expecting large crowds this spring, but they say it all depends on gas prices and whether people have the money to drive here.

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