Consider This: Burning the Quran

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) What a tragedy that Americans were killed in retaliation for an accidental burning of the Quran. It just reinforces the difference between a democracy like the United States and the radical views of some of these extremist groups.

Consider This: Should the books have been burned? No, but from what we know it was not intentional. And even if it was, that justifies murder? Only someone with a warped mind comes to that conclusion. The book burning was not deliberate, but the killing of Americans was deliberate.

I don't understand why we continue to help countries where many despise us for that assistance.  Rather than spending billions in other countries, let's redirect that commitment here by bringing our troops home and building up our forces in America. We can boost our military might and at the same time boost the economy with jobs and construction.

With that plan we won't have to worry about riots and murder if someone accidentally burns the Quran or any other religious book.

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