Carolina Forest residents push bike paths project forward

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Some residents who live near Carolina Forest Boulevard said they would like to see bike paths put into place to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe. Drivers said they have to keep their eyes peeled for people walking or riding bikes close to the road.

Those who like to get exercise in the fresh air said they would feel much safer with bike paths. But they are finding it is not a simple process to get bike lanes put into place.

Tiffany Dixon said, "You are talking about putting a lot of people in danger, being teens driving the car or bicyclists riding." Dixon travels the boulevard multiple times every day, and she said it is a danger zone.

Dixon added, "I would not let my kids, even though they are in their teenage years, walk down this way." Dixon said it is putting both drivers and pedestrians at risk. "There is no place for bikes to go and no place for cars. If there is ongoing traffic, you have to slow down to what the bicycle speed is and then some people cut you off."

Some are proposing the addition of a bike path. Horry County engineers said in the next few weeks they will be exploring the plans for widening the boulevard and the possibility of adding a designated riding area for cyclists.

Chuck Rhome, the president of the Carolina Forest Civic Association said, "Summer is coming and the playground will be busier and children will be out of school. Our rec center will be busy. This is one of the priorities that should be of great importance."

Engineers said the biggest concern is providing funding for the project. That is why Rhome said he is doing what he can to make it happen. Rhome added, "We're looking at ways the Carolina Forest Civic Association could even get in on applying for grants and assist in the funding."

Some Carolina Forest residents said they would like to see locals chip in to make the bike paths possible. Dixon added, "Maybe ask the associations to put in a little money to pave a four foot strip so we can go up and down."

Carolina Forest Civic Association members said they may start applying for grant money sometime this summer.

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