CCU trustees revise out-of-state tuition rates

From Coastal Carolina University

CONWAY, SC At a specially called teleconference meeting today, the Board of Trustees of Coastal Carolina University voted to revise an earlier decision on out-of-state tuition for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Instead of a flat 5.75 percent increase for all out-of-state students—the rate approved at the board's regular meeting last Friday—the board today approved the new wording "an increase of up to 5.75 percent." The motion allows the University administration the flexibility to set rates for each program based on costs.

Following the motion, the University administration announced that undergraduate out-of-state rates will be increased by 2.3 percent for the next academic year, from $10,780 to $11,025 per semester—which is $750 less per year than the rate approved at last week's meeting.  The 2.3 percent increase corresponds to the Higher Education Price Index.

It was also announced that out-of-state tuition for graduate students will increase 5.75 percent next year, from $690 per credit hour to $730 per credit hour. Rates for out-of-state students in the Master of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy programs will increase from $795 per credit hour to $840 per credit hour.

"After careful review of our tuition situation and in view of the economic climate facing our students, Board Chairman Wyatt Henderson called for a special meeting to reset out-of-state tuition rates next year to keep costs down for students," said CCU President David A DeCenzo. "The decisions today will improve Coastal Carolina University's competitive position in the marketplace."

The board decided last week not to increase undergraduate in-state tuition for next year, and all in-state resident undergraduate students will receive a $50 per semester credit on their tuition bill. Housing fees and meal fees will also remain at the 2011-2012 level.