Consider This: Gas Prices

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Gas is headed toward record highs and the spike in prices could have a major impact on the summer travel season.

Consider This: Experts say the increase is caused by a perfect storm of unrest in the Middle East, speculators buying up oil and refinery closings. Regardless of the cause, if rates continue to climb people will have less money to spend on summer vacations. And with tourism as our number one industry high gas prices are bad news for all of us.

It hurts when your wallet is $20 lighter because it costs $60 to fill your tank. So what can we do to get ahead of this issue? Businesses could offer gas cards as incentives or rework offers with lower prices for families or groups. We need to offset the pain at the pump with affordable fun for the family. It's all about creating great memories. We have time to get ahead of this, but the planning and marketing has to start now.

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