New wind turbine gives NMB energy boost

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The North Strand Coastal Wind Team (NSCWT) has announced two new wind turbines will be installed in the North Strand this week.

One of those was tilted-up Tuesday morning. It is located at City Park on 1 Ave South in North Myrtle Beach. Electricity generated will power nearby street lights, a concession stand, and the giant slide attraction on the beach.

The other turbine will be installed Wednesday at the Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve. Electricity generated there will go directly to the area's power grid, helping reduce the city's overall electrical cost.

The two turbines were funded by a SC Energy Grant awarded to the North Myrtle Beach Chamber. Information collected from the wind turbines will be used for wind energy research at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.

Monroe Baldwin with the NSCWT said they hope this only the beginning. "These two turbines are a big step forward for North Myrtle Beach. It's a landing place for us to re-gather our energy and focus on more turbines along the coast," said Baldwin.

According to Baldwin, the wind industry in South Carolina has huge potential, especially in North Myrtle Beach. Baldwin said there is enough wind along the shore and off the coast to generate large amounts of electricity.

These turbines set the example what the NSCWT hopes to see more of and should allow people in North Myrtle Beach get comfortable with having wind turbines throughout the community and off the coast.

"The big idea is to be able to build a wind farm off our coast. They will be visible way out on the horizon, very small, but they will probably be visible. When that farm goes in, the economic benefit will be overwhelming."

As for the next step, Baldwin said North Myrtle Beach has approval and permits for three additional wind turbines and it's just a matter of getting the funding to support those projects.

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