Oceans 7 development set to open by Spring

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The property manager of the new Oceans 7 Development along Ocean Boulevard says the building is set to open by April 2012.

The plans for the development have been in the works since May of 2010 but there are several reasons why it has taken so long to complete the project.

First, the land has changed ownership since the project was originally proposed.

Next, rezoning of the property had to be approved for the work and living space plans. When the current owner realized the project was not going to be ready by last summer, he said there was no rush to get it done quickly.

Now with it moving forward, the contractor for the project, Dale Collins, said people can see a variety of shops including a candy store, Asian Tea bar, wine and cheese shop, bicycle rental, Spanish restaurant and a specialty wraps and crepes restaurant.

Collins said, "Retail spaces on the bottom and town homes on top. We did it slow because he wanted to get the right vendors in here."

The owner of the property, Christopher Zuski said he hand-picked the shops going into the new development to help draw people to the south end of town.

Zuski said, "I'm trying to bring in diversity and help out the economy. The government is not doing much so people like me have to invest. It's a great opportunity to make a lot of money while doing so, help out the place." Zuski added that he has chosen six out of the eight tenants who are setting to open their stores this spring.

Business owners who are moving in said they are looking for locals to help staff their new store. Anthony Hoang said, "I'm looking here in Myrtle Beach for about 40 employees. Most will be part time but a lot full time to cover the whole year." Hoang said he hopes his new business will take off.

Hoang said, "Looking to expand more. This is just the first location at the end of the summer if all goes well with the contractor and town. I could open up several other locations here in Myrtle Beach and Surfside."

The new development is expected to open by April 1.

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