Cool Schools: Conway High School

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) There's one classroom at Conway High sShool that's filled with piles of dust. But it doesn't mean the classroom isn't being used, it shows just how much students are working.

"We give them a taste of a little bit of all of it," said teacher Buck Allen. "And that's our purpose right now is just to give them a hands on and let them try to experiment different areas." From the different types of saws, to the drill press, and the sander, Mr. Allen's Industrial Technology class gives students an opportunity they've never had before.

"Never cut wood in my life before," said student Anthony Melecio. "Never in my life. It's just a good experience you know."

But the one student who enjoys this class the most is probably one who you'd least expect. The only girl, Haley Sellers.

"I like being the only girl because I think I can do a lot more stuff than any other girl in the school," said Sellers. With this class, students are doing more than just working with wood. they are carving out possibilities for their future. "It's helping because it makes me learn a little bit more about it before I go to college."

In another class, students will tell you it's harder than it looks.

"If you plant the plant too deep it's not going to grow," said student Byron Grissett. "If you plant it too shallow, when you water it, it's just going to wash out the top of the soil. Just right." The mission- students have to be able to plant 4 thousand plugs "just right" in their greenhouse, all in one day. It's a pretty long process. From making sure the soil is moist, to getting the soil ready for the plants.

It's a dirty job, but these high school students know how to do it.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah," said student Hannah Bilby. "It's a big learning process. You might not think we learn a lot out of it you might just think its sticking something in the ground and hoping it grows. Once the plants grow, students will sell the plants to other students and the community, but they say the best part is the experience.

"It actually has done a lot for me, because whenever I came into this class I was really shy. So it actually got me out and doing more hands on stuff and now I'm more outgoing than ever," said Bilby.

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