Tax experts say more people are filing early to get their tax refunds

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Tax experts say more people are filing their taxes early and cashing in on getting their tax refund early.

Some say they are filing early because money is tight, and they are just trying to live pay check to pay check. Now with their tax refund in the mail, they have been planning what they will do with it.

Thomas Rakoski, a local construction worker said a tax refund is exactly what he needs right now. Rakoski said, "Bills piling up on you. It's a great opportunity for people to catch up or even get ahead."

People said they are spending their extra cash on new furniture, new tires or even a new car, but some admit the refund will be part of their survival. Kathy Reilly said, "I just recently lost my job, and it helps with bills and things like that so it's great to come here and get it done fast and get the money back quick."

Reilly said she was one of the first to file her taxes, and she decided to use a local tax service office to get things done. Samantha Slapnik, the General Manager of Liberty Tax said, "This office in Gator Hole is the number one liberty tax office in the state with more than 1500 returns every year. The Carolina Forest office which we just purchased is up over thirty percent in the number of returns seeing more and more every day."

While some people choose to E-File on their own, experts said the trend this year is using a local tax service. They say part of the reason is to reduce the number of errors during the filing process.

Slapnik added, "We do everything to get the best for your money…that is our job. So we lower your tax liability-increases refunds, decreases the balances due." Slapnik said because so many people are filing early, we are seeing some technical difficulties as the paper work reaches the government.

Slapnik stated, "Technical errors we work through every year because it's more complicated, technical systems, that is typically causing funding delays. One week earlier in January and we're told we'll see another one in earlier February."

The deadline to file taxes is April 17, 2012.

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