Restaurants ordered by DHEC to clean up kitchens

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The Department of Health and Environmental Control paid a visit to Wild Willy's Bar and Grill in Myrtle Beach and the report shows they've been asked to do some cleaning after inspectors found dirty pots, pans, slicers, knives, and cutting boards.

The DHEC report also notes wooden shelves are unpainted or unsealed, utensils were improperly stored, and spray bottles were improperly labeled. DHEC gave Wild Willy's score of 88, an 'A' rating.

DHEC inspectors also stopped in St. Angelo's Pizza in Surfside. The pizza place that sits along Highway 17, was given a 'B' rating after inspectors found several violations.

According to the report, the restaurant was thawing potentially hazardous frozen food at room temperature.  They also found food was stored uncovered and stored on the floor. According to DHEC, food should be stored at least six inches off of the floor.

In the report, inspectors noted several items in the kitchen that need to be cleaned like the fryers and fryer baskets, inside and outside of dish machine, storage shelves, counters under all cooking equipment, inside of coolers and freezers among others.

Inspectors gave St Angelo's Pizza a score of 81 and they are scheduled to return for a follow up inspection on the 15th.

[To view the complete report, click here (PDF)]

A lot less cleaning requested when DHEC inspectors visited a popular pub in Myrtle Beach, the Old Bull and Bush. In the report inspectors noted they should clean the can opener, replace a light bulb, and a few other minor violations. They were given a score of 91.

Joanna McCann is a server at the Old Bull and Bush and she says the kitchen is definitely up to her own standards.

"I come in and eat. And I see the kitchen and so I feel comfortable coming in and eating." McCann says they got their 'A' rating all thanks to the pub's owner.

"John the owner is fanatic about it. The kitchen has to be mopped, clean. Everything has to be done every single night."

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