Students connect with children in Africa

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) A school in Myrtle Beach is giving kids the chance to make international connections and change the lives of young people in Africa.

Students at the Christian Academy in Myrtle Beach are sponsoring kids in Rwanda so they can go to school, have a good meal and even get health care.

The students at the academy are sending drawings, along with letters to students in Rwanda.

It's part of a program between the academy and a school Africa New Life Ministry opened In January.

Will Jackson is a student and said. "We're trying to support Africa and let their dreams come true."

The 8-year-old claimed  the kids are sending more than just gifts.

He stated, "This would be a good opportunity to raise money for all of the people in the world."

Each grade at the school is sponsoring a child.

Dr. Pamela Pyle, who will make the trip to Africa next month to deliver the letters and pictures said students have been thinking outside the box to bring in cash.

She said, "I heard one child was selling trail mix in her neighborhood."

Pyle explained how the program has made a huge difference in Africa.

The first school Africa new life ministry opened is now ranked number one academically throughout Rwanda and the top ten students in the country attend it.

The administrator for the Christian Academy, Nancy Henry, said the kids in Myrtle Beach are being affected as well.

Some of them are already thinking about pursuing missionary work.

Henry said, "I see so many opportunities for students to learn certainly about giving back but also about math and geography and science and really how it all fits together."

Dr. Pyle will leave for Rwanda on March 5th.

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