SC DMV rolls in new changes for drivers license test

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Officials say before new drivers can get a hold of a drivers license, they need to have a better idea of what they're getting into behind the wheel. So the South Carolina DMV is upgrading the test to make sure new drivers are ready for the road.

Right now the typical road test is done on neighborhood streets where there is little traffic, if any at all. Then after taking the test, new drivers are thrown onto busier highways their wheels haven't touched before. Officials are concerned the current test doesn't prepare them for what they will actually face on the roads or driving in lanes next to you.

The Department of Motor Vehicles executive director says drivers should get a test that reflects what you experience every day on the roads- like four-lane roads and highways, faster speeds, heavier traffic and changing lanes.

Some driving instructors say this new test will help force new drivers to get the experience they need to pass the test.

"The kids definitely are actually surprised whenever I take them out on the road and we do our thing," said driving instructor Buddy McDowell. "They just don't get enough driving with their parents."

Driving instructors also say right now more people are focused on the written part of the license test, but with the new updates, more people will actually take the time to learn how to maneuver on the roads.

These new drivers license tests are expected to be in place this summer.

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