Consider This: Your Comments

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Tuesday, we'll share your feedback on recent topics:

Regarding Don Cornelius and Soul Train, Lloyd Mitchell writes, "I was a teenager during the iconic 70's and Soul Train was a must to view each week. Don Cornelius was one that not only took on racism, criticism and personal attacks but he did so with grace and a gentle strength that truly was non-violent in thought or deed."

The smoke free plan in North Myrtle Beach sparked a lot of comments.

Rollin favors the ordinance saying, "Congrats NMB!!!! Great job... People will see that this change will bring more revenue to the city!!!"

However, Austin has a different opinion, "Welcome to NMB where we live under fascist NAZI rule! Kind of sounds like our government doing everything in its power to ban things that they don't like and create their vision of a perfect world. Didn't our relatives and ancestors come to America to be free?"

And finally, regarding the new e-Verify system C writes, "GOOD! It's time the states do something about this problem. If they don't e-Verify they should get a HUGE FINE!"

It makes for a stronger community when we have healthy, respectful debate. I encourage you to you join the conversation and share your comments.