Pizza restaurants deliver for the game

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) With the Super Bowl on the television, hundreds of hungry football fans in the Grand Strand have pizza on the table. And pizza restaurants throughout the Grand Strand say they're on their toes for one of their busiest nights.

"On a busy night we'd make between fifteen and twenty runs," says Lou Davis, who delivers for Fox's Pizza Den. "We're going to go through a lot tonight. I'd say probably a good fifty or sixty pizzas."

Pizza shop owners throughout the Myrtle Beach area say they're prepared for constantly ringing phones and hectic deliveries all night, with families and Super Bowl parties looking for dinner before kickoff.

"I've had a few people come in and say 'You're going to get swamped,'" says Michelle Burg, owner of Fox's. "We've called in as many people as we could."

Shop owners say weekends are generally busy anyway, so they're prepared for a busy night. The main task is making sure everyone has their pizza.

"Whether their Giants fans or Patriots fans, they all get pizza," Davis says.

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