Woman charged for firing shot at ex-husband in Little River

Source: WMBF News Reporter Will Whitson
Source: WMBF News Reporter Will Whitson
Source: WMBF News Reporter Will Whitson
Source: WMBF News Reporter Will Whitson

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) Horry County Police responded to a call about a shooting on Mandi Avenue near Little River Monday night where a man was allegedly shot at by his ex-wife.

Officers arrived at the Royal Estates subdivision to find 64-year-old Earnestine Gates waiting for them with the revolver still in her possession. The woman submitted to the arrest and told officers she shot at her husband but would not elaborate on the reason.

WMBF News spoke to the victim on the phone Tuesday morning, and he said Gates is his ex-wife. He would not give any further information about the incident.

Sgt. Robert Kegler with HCPD said Gates was transported to J. Reuben Long Detention Center, and has now been charged with attempted murder.

Gates' 64-year-old ex-husband was not injured.

Neighbors in the community told WMBF News that police responded to that home Sunday night for an alleged domestic incident between the couple. So far, police have not confirmed a Sunday visit.

A next door neighbor says she was home at the time of the alleged shooting, but didn't hear a thing.

"Usually if something is going on you here something, but until my husband told me to look out the window I didn't realize there was anything," said Alice Luckenbach.

"There were police cars, lights flashing, all these things going on but we had no idea what it was about," she said.

The reported shooting was called in by a witness, that made the call to police after running to a neighbor's home.

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