Gardner Lacy Rd. residents demand crackdown on speeders

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Homeowners along Gardner Lacy Road say speeders in a school zone is not a new problem, but now they are asking for change. The posted speed limit along the road is 35 miles and hour which drops down to 25 near the school, but some say cars go whizzing by at a much faster speed.

Jamie Roberts lives right next to Gardner Lacy Road. Roberts said, "During the week it's hectic. Dump trucks are flying through here breaking the speed limit running 60-70 miles an hour."

Roberts said it is a road of close calls. Roberts added, "My son has to cross the street and I drive him over there. I've had close calls because people even during school hours will not slow down."

He along with others are asking for change. Frederick Beaudry stated, "Anytime you're around a school be cautious of the speed limit. Sometimes people don't even recognize there is a school there."

Some are recommending a crackdown on speeders with tougher penalties. Roberts added, "I think we should quadruple the fine. If someone speeds in a zone where there is a school. Their license should be suspended or at least go through a special school where they can be taught the dangers of what can happen."

And some want to see even more of a police presence in the area. Roberts said, "Don't have enough highway patrol or county cops patrolling this area. I can see highway patrol is doing the best they can with the resources they have. I have seen them pull over in front of the house and it is the same excuse in a rush to get somewhere…but a rush, is it really worth killing a child?"

They say action needs to be taken before it is too late. Roberts said, "It has to stop. No other way around it. It has to stop because someone is going to die."

Others are asking that crosswalks be put in to help keep safe while getting across the busy road.

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