Consider This: National Right to Carry Law

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Carrying a concealed weapon across state lines could get you into serious trouble. However, a proposed law could change that.

Consider This: A South Carolina concealed weapons permit is not valid in all states, including our next-door neighbor Georgia. But a new national law would make concealed weapons permit valid in all states. Opponents claim it violates state's rights, but that's not correct. The proposed legislation does not change any right that a state does or does not have within its own laws.

A valid argument compares a national right to carry law with driver's licenses. There are some states that have stricter driving laws than others, but if you have a driver's license in one state you can drive anywhere in the country.

The national concealed weapons law makes sense. It's been approved by our U.S. House and now the Senate needs to do the same.

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