Democrats tear down Mt. Myrtle as Republicans react

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) About 100 democrats gathered to take part in the demolition of Mt. Myrtle which pictured the faces of the GOP candidates. Elizabeth Bowens said, "We came to take part in the Democratic destroying Republicans, and we have accomplished our goal."

Sally Howard, the President of the Democratic Women's Council in Horry County said she came up with the idea to have the Democrats demolish the sculpture. Howard added, "I knew it was going to be torn down and recycled and saved so I approached Brad Dean at the Chamber if there was any way the Democratic women could be a part of the demolition derby."

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce did not comment on the matter. Howard stated, "I thought of it so I pitched the idea. It was timing. The sculpture needed to stay up through the primary and then it had to be moved after that."

The pink shovels and forklift brought out some controversy in Grand Strand Republicans. Susan Sorrell said, "To me it is a symbolism that we are going to tear down Republicans, and I don't think we should do that. We're one America and we should work together."

Chuck Ottwell, the President of the South Strand Republicans said, "This belonged to the Republican party and the chamber. We funded it so it's in poor taste."

Democrats said they spent the day in good humor. They say another common goal of supporting the organization "Mothers Against Violence" brought people out to participate in the demolition. About $200 was raised for that charity.

Even so, Republicans say they were left out. Jon Bonsignor said, "They have done it. It was done incorrectly, unfairly. They should have extended themselves to Republicans because we also support Mothers Against Violence."

Other Republicans were upset that the only sand sculpture taken down today was the one representing the candidates. Susan Sorrell added, "When you have Democrats tearing down Republican people what does that say? Not sure if good or bad but to me, it's not good."

The Chamber did not comment on giving the group permission to demolish the structure.

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