DHEC visits Humble Crumb and Rene's Cafe

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The Department of Health and Environmental Control paid a visit to The Humble Crumb in Georgetown and Rene's Cafe in Surfside Beach this week.

According to the report, DHEC gave the mom and pop Italian eatery Humble Crumb a B rating after finding two critical violations. One of those violations was finding the presence of roaches in the kitchen area.

The Humble Crumb owner, Lin Wisikoski, talked to WMBF News about the inspection.

"He noted some dead roaches behind our cooler. We have had an ongoing battle with roaches," said Wisikoski. She says they've fumigated several times to try to control the pest issue.

"This is embarrassing and it's not indicative of our restaurant being dirty. We had an infestation and got rid of them."

DHEC noted in the report the restaurant needs to properly clean the floors in the kitchen. Wisikoski says she will follow DHEC's requests including to re-fumigate with a professional pest control company.  The inspector will follow up at the Humble Crumb next week.

[To view the health inspection report, click here (PDF)]

DHEC also dropped by Rene's Cafe in Surfside this week. The small outdoor café in the Hudson's Flea Market  received a near perfect score. Wayne Hurst says he eats at Rene's at least once a week to get what he says is the best clam chowder in town.

"It's delicious! I'll tell you that." Hurst is not surprised Rene's Café received an 'A' rating from DHEC.

On the report, inspectors noted two minor violations: the corners of the floors need to be cleaned and all bare wooden surfaces should be painted. The owner of the café, Rene Barnhart says sanitation is key to a successful eatery.

"I'm a big stickler on keeping things clean. Anybody that works for me, they know. " As for Hurst, he's all ready planning on his next visit to Rene's Café.

"I'm thinking about maybe next weekend."

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