Perry campaign source confirms race withdrawal to WMBF

Rick Perry has ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, according to CNN. (Source: CNN)
Rick Perry has ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, according to CNN. (Source: CNN)

(RNN) – WMFB News has independently confirmed through a source within the Rick Perry camp, that his press conference Thursday morning will be to announce his withdrawal from the GOP presidential nomination race.

According to a source within the Texas Governor's campaign camp who spoke with WMBF News Thursday morning, Rick Perry has decided to end his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

The same campaign source confirms that Perry will likely endorse Newt Gingrich, as has been speculated Thursday.

Multiple media outlets announced that Perry would likely end his bid. CNN reported two people close to the situation said the former front-runner for the GOP bid had broke the news of his campaign's suspension only two days before the South Carolina primaries.

New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny stated Perry planned to announce at an 11 a.m. press conference Thursday in North Charleston, SC.

"Rick Perry is dropping out of Republican presidential race as early as today, a top supporter tells NYT," Zeleny posted on Twitter.

The Associated Press reported Perry would likely endorse Newt Gingrich. The former House Speaker has been running second in recent polls, behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

After a strong showing in early polls, Perry finished fifth in the Iowa caucuses and skipped campaigning in New Hampshire before its primaries. He had placed his presidential hopes in South Carolina, hoping for a boost from the typically conservative-valued state.

But according to a CNN/Time/ORC Poll released Wednesday, Perry was running a distant fifth at only six percent. The poll further showed he did not have much popularity among likely Florida primaries voters either, with only two percent saying they would vote for him.

Perry ascended to the governorship of Texas after George W. Bush was elected to the presidency in 2001 and hoped to follow in his footsteps to the White House.

Perry touted his accomplishments as governor and took credit for job growth in a down economy. Since 2009, 37 percent of jobs created in the U.S. were in Texas, according to Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher.

Perry proclaimed himself from the beginning as a Tenth Amendment Republican, advocating for states as laboratories for democracy and pushing for a smaller, less intrusive government.

Perry was born in Paint Creek, TX, and is a graduate of Texas A&M University. After college, he flew C-130s in the Air Force.

He began his political career in 1985 as a state representative. He later served as Texas Agriculture Commissioner until he ran for and won the seat of Lt. Governor.

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