Neighbors along Pridgen Road react to shooting

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Neighbors along Pridgen Road say they are shocked by a shooting that happened Monday night. Myrtle Beach Police detectives were at the location of the shooting looking for any clues and talking with neighbors Tuesday morning. They are still trying to put together the pieces of the incident.

Scott Hudson has lived along Pridgen Road for the past eight years and it was the first time he had seen first responders right outside his front door. Hudson said, "I noticed sirens quit right here and went around the corner so I came downstairs and looked out the window. It looked like they were keeping people well back from the circumstances."

Hudson is not alone. Donnie Crepeau lives right next door to Craig McPherson, the man Myrtle Beach Police say was shot in the hand during an attempted robbery. Crepeau said he got a phone call letting him know about the shooting and he rushed home.

Crepeau said, "Craig is a great guy. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He is in a wheelchair and he would do anything for you if you asked him."

Some say McPherson is a well-known member of the neighborhood. Michael Rodriguez said, "You walk by and he says hey to everyone-nice guy-not bothering anyone. That's why I was surprised to hear about this because he is so nice."

Hudson added, "We're friendly and sit here on the porch and have a cold beer together-like being around-but when something like this happens you start to shy away from people because you don't know what is happening on the other end of their lives."

Police say McPherson's roommate was also injured in the shooting. Now neighbors say it is putting things into perspective. Crepeau stated, "It happened last night but still my stomach is in my throat over it. I slept with one eye open last night."

Some are fighting back by trying to form a neighborhood watch group to keep an eye on each other. Rodriguez said, "I'm talking with some of the surrounding neighbors and they have expressed some of their issues with living around this neighborhood."

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