John Ludwig heads to prison

Ludwig during a hearing in November
Ludwig during a hearing in November
Bill Bardsley was killed as he sat in his living room watching TV.
Bill Bardsley was killed as he sat in his living room watching TV.

GREENVILLE, SC A Greenville businessman, well known for crashing his Maserati into a house and killing the man inside, is headed to prison for violating probation.

Circuit Court Judge C. Victor Pyle revoked John Ludwig's probation and sentenced him to serve three years in prison.

Ludwig was arrested in November and charged with domestic violence against his wife, Shannon Ludwig.

Today in court, Ludwig's attorney said Ludwig and his wife were having a disagreement about finances in November and there was not a violent encounter.

The attorney said Ludwig's father-in-law called the police and claimed Ludwig hit Shannon in the head. Shannon Ludwig says her head was touched and not hit.

Before this November charge, Ludwig was already on probation for the reckless homicide conviction resulting from the Maserati crash and for a different domestic violence charge.

Ludwig's attorney said Ludwig had completed an anger management course and recently went to a treatment center in Georgia where they regulated his medication.

In November 2009, Ludwig pleaded guilty to reckless homicide in the death of Bill Bardsley. Ludwig had just left a wedding reception when he drove his Maserati off the road and through Bardsley's house north of Greenville.

The wreck killed Bardsely as he watched television in his living room. Ludwig had originally been charged with murder and reckless homicide. (Full Story)

Ludwig was sentenced to three years of probation and 500 hours of community service.

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