Consider This: Presidential Race

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The 2012 Iowa Caucus is history and Michelle Bachmann is the latest casualty in the race to capture the Republican nomination. Now the candidates turn their attention towards South Carolina hoping to capture the endorsement of our state.

Consider This: Since 1980 South Carolina has correctly picked the candidate who would become the Republican Presidential nominee. It's an important step in the nomination process and we should take the responsibility seriously.

You can expect to see the more campaign visits and an increase in television announcements leading up the Myrtle Beach debate and January 21st vote. That means it will be important for you to tweak your bull crap filter.

It's exciting to live in state that plays such a major role in the political process. You can count on WMBF News to keep you on top of the Live, Local, Late Breaking issues throughout the campaign.

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