Missing pets found dead, foaming at mouth in Pee Dee neighborhood

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - One Pee Dee community is experiencing an unusual string of animal deaths. Multiple pets have been found dead within a week and neighbors say all were foaming at the mouth. Now they're asking for an investigation on the mysterious deaths.

All seemed quiet in a small Bennettsville community, until neighbors made a surprising discovery on Christmas Eve.

"I was cleaning the porch for my family who likes to sit outside and I saw something white and furry in the bushes... In between these bushes we found a dog, laying there dead," said Roy Pruitt.

Pruitt says he recognized the dog as his neighbors pet who had been reported missing recently. He says the neighbor had another dog who recently died for unknown reasons.

The surprises didn't stop there - on New Year's Eve a neighbor contacted the Pruitt's when they saw an animal laying still in their yard.

"The next door neighbor came and told me there was a dog out here dead, and I said something's going on," said Patricia Pruitt.

A cat had also been found dead across the street, but neighbors say the dead animals have something in common.

"It seems odd that they all foamed at the mouth," said Patricia Pruitt.

Now the neighbors want answers as to what is causing the deaths of pets in the community.

"I would hate to think that anybody would want to do harm to the animals because we do have a nice neighborhood, but evidently somebody's doing something, they may be trying to get rid of wild animals with poison," said Ann Bundy, who lives across the street from the Pruits.

Some people believe the pets may have been poisoned by something laying on the ground in the area.

"It's odd that so much happened at one time with animals and we're concerned because we have one of our own," said Roy Pruitt.

Neighbors contacted the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office and were told there wasn't much they could do because of the lack of evidence.

"We would really like to see some investigation to find out what's really going on," said Roy Pruitt.

Marlboro County Sheriff Fred Knight tells WMBF he was just aware of the situation Wednesday and is sending investigators out to look into the situation sometime this week.

He says he called DHEC and animal control to see if they had any idea what was going on. He says it's hard to figure out the cause of death when there was no autopsy of the animals or any samples or noted bite marks.

Sheriff Knight says he is interested in the situation and is working to find out what is causing the sporadic deaths.

Neighbors say they are using extra caution to keep their pets safe.

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