Crews work to upgrade sewer system along 11th Avenue

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Construction crews are working to upgrade the sewer system along 11th Avenue South in Myrtle Beach. Workers started the project at the intersection of Yaupon Drive and 11th Avenue and are working their way up to Ocean Boulevard.

Some say the project has been a long time coming.

Ramona Tidball said, "It backed up occasionally. I know my neighbor had quite a few problems and everyone tried to do what they could." Tidball said seeing construction workers right outside her front door is a welcome sight.

Tidball added, "You have to look at the long-run. It will be better for everyone in the area."

The City of Myrtle Beach said they have had this project on their minds for several years. Mark Kruea, with the City of Myrtle Beach said, "There are two parts to the project-replacing 800 linear feet of sewer line and at the end of Yaupon Drive-refurbishing a pump station."

Kruea said the money to pay for the project is already in the bank. Kruea stated, "Money comes from water and sewer revenue so when you pay your water and sewer bill, a portion of that goes to maintain the system."

While that maintenance is going on, some hotels say the construction could put them in a pinch.

Deborah Best at South Seas said, "Guests will have to park across the street in the annex parking. So it will be a hardship on them because you won't be able to park here. We'll make sure we get them over here somehow or another."

Many agree the end result will be well worth it. Best added, "Within any city sewers are a problem and now they are taking action and get something done about it. Sure we're excited about it."

Other capital improvement projects on the radar include replacing sewer lines from 62nd Avenue North up to 79th Avenue North. That $1,900,000 project could cause some night-time lane closures.

The city said the off-season is the time to get projects done. Kruea added, "The summer season is tourism. The winter is construction season. We try to do most of the work in the off season so we're not interfering. People are still here but less."

Officials say the project at 11th Avenue South could be completed in about two weeks.

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