Myrtle Beach driver attempts to run over man, daughter, report says

Robert Earnest Mobley, 25 (Source: MBPD)
Robert Earnest Mobley, 25 (Source: MBPD)
Robert Earnest Mobley (Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)
Robert Earnest Mobley (Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) A Myrtle Beach man is behind bars on charges of attempted murder after police say he attempted to run over a man pushing his infant daughter in a stroller down the street.

According to a Myrtle Beach Police Report obtained by WMBF News, Robert Earnest Mobley, 25, was arrested Sunday morning after he reportedly attempted to strike a male victim and his infant daughter with a vehicle.

Officers say the victim, Micael Rogers, was pushing his infant daughter in a stroller on 37th Ave. North Saturday afternoon when Mobley came down the same street driving a truck.

Mobley is accused of accelerating the vehicle towards the victim and young child, but the victim was able to push the stroller out of the way of the truck and avoid being run over himself.

The report states that Mobley attempted to kill the victim and is therefore charged with two counts of attempted murder.

Rogers recalls, "[Mobley] starts coming at me with the truck doing 40. The baby was in the stroller so I took it and pushed it in between two cars. He comes through the parking lot sliding."

Rogers said he knew Mobley, and had given him a video game he had received for Christmas. Essentially, according to Rogers, Mobley had agreed to add music to the 4GB card contained in the game.

Rogers explains that Mobley did not return the game despite his asking for it. "[I asked him] 'Will you bring me back the game please?' My newborn baby pictures are on there and everything. If you want to keep the game, give me the chip back. I tried to be nice about it."

Rogers stated that Mobley had not returned the game and the incident was related to previous threats exchanged between them. Rogers claimed he was at a friend's house when he saw Mobley drive by, and later approach the house with a baseball bat.

Neighbors in the area reportedly broke up a fight between Rogers and Mobley, and Rogers claimed the two had parted ways when he was walking down 37th Avenue with his daughter.

Rogers claimed to hear Mobley driving up after him, after which Rogers claimed he took the baseball bat and began beating the windows of Mobley's truck in self-defense.

Rogers said, "I could see him coming. I was thinking get the baby out of the way, and I jumped out of the way. I saw determination on his face. He was wanting to kill me."

Witnesses who saw the incident said their lives were put in danger also.

Doris Willard stated, "He came out so fast and it was a good thing I stopped the wheelchair right quick because if I didn't, he would have hit me head on this side. He probably would have killed me, too."

Willard said she was on a quick trip to Walgreens but the incident scared her. Willard added, "I'm always real sick, and I was hoping I wouldn't have to go to the hospital because I was real nervous. I was shaking the rest of the day."

Rogers stated that Mobley reported the incident to police, which lead to his arrest.

Horry County booking records indicate Mobley was transferred to J. Reuben Long Detention Center Monday morning, and faces two charges of attempted murder. Mobley's bond is set at $25,000 for each charge.

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