SC instates new law for registering vehicles

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Registering a vehicle in South Carolina just got a bit more complicated. Last summer Governor Nikki Haley signed off on a law making it tougher to register your car in South Carolina.

In the past, all one needed was a standard application in order to register a vehicle. Beginning today, anyone registering a vehicle in the state must also provide a valid form of identification.

Valid forms of id's include: state drivers license or id card, out-of-state license or id card, passport with a visa, Employment Authorization Document (EAD), or permanent residency card.

Myrtle Beach resident Kathleen Palmer said she is surprised this wasn't the law already. "I came from Pennsylvania 12 years ago and in Pennsylvania you always needed an id for everything. Weather it was voting or whatever, you always had to have a valid id."

Al Hill from Columbia, SC said he doesn't mind the extra step and hopes it will prevent other motorists from breaking the law. "I think it's a great idea. I think it will put everything in perspective as far as people owning vehicles illegally."

The new law also affects businesses trying to register a vehicle in the state.  Businesses must provide federal identification number and physical proof that shows the place of business is in the state.

Hill says he thinks the law will cut down on businesses and motorists who are trying to do the wrong thing. "It doesn't hurt anything. The only people that will probably have an objection to it are probably the people who are trying to do something illegal, period."

The DMV still allows for mail-in applications, however, they require a copy of a valid id along with the application.

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