MBPD: Reported attack by eight at Broadway leaves two with injuries

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Myrtle Beach Police are searching for suspects after two men were reportedly assaulted walking to their car at Broadway at the Beach Saturday morning.

According to the police report, three men were leaving a bar at Broadway at the Beach Saturday morning around 2:30 a.m. and walking to their car in the parking lot when a large group of males approached them.

One of the suspects in the group asked the three men if they had a problem.

One of the men, a witness, entered the driver's seat of the vehicle as the two other men, the victims, attempted to enter the passengers seats.

One of the suspects allegedly punched the victim trying to get in the front seat of the car, and asked, "What do you have under the seat? You trying to get gun?" That suspect and others from the group pulled that victim from the car and began punching, as the victim fell to the ground trying to cover his face.

A second suspect began punching the victim trying to enter the back seat of their vehicle. That victim ran back to the bar for help, and reported hearing a gunshot fired and seeing the group enter a black SUV with chrome rims and a grey sedan with paper tags as security arrived.

The first suspect reportedly fired the shot from the victim's gun he had taken from their car, the report stated.

EMS arrived on scene with responding officers to find that the first victim had several abrasions and swelling, and the second victim had one abrasion on his neck. Both refused treatment.

The witness in the vehicle had observed the assault from the driver's seat.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Myrtle Beach Police as soon as possible.

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