Stolen ring used for engagement

(Photo: WCAX/CNN)
(Photo: WCAX/CNN)

BURLINGTON, VT (WCAX/CNN) Police arrested a Vermont man who proposed to his girlfriend with a stolen ring.

Ryan Jarvis appeared in court Wednesday after he allegedly stole a white gold solitaire ring from Zales in Burlington, VT.

Immediately when Jarvis proposed to his girlfriend, she said yes and announced their engagement on Facebook. She also posted a picture of the $3,000 ring online, which led to Jarvis's arrest.

"He was in there for approximately an hour and there was some inkling from the employees that it was kind of a legitimate interest that he had in getting this diamond ring," said Deputy Chief Andi Higbee. "There was some thought that, quite frankly, that it would pop up on Facebook."

When police arrived at Jarvis's house to question the couple, his girlfriend was wearing the stolen ring.

Investigators are not planning to charge the girlfriend with any criminal charges, since they do not believe she knew the ring was stolen.

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