Assault suspect has violent record

Michael Shawn Miller (Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department)
Michael Shawn Miller (Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department)
Miller (Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)
Miller (Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The man behind bars Wednesday for assaulting his live-in girlfriend has a long rap sheet showing a violent past.

Michael Shawn Miller of Myrtle Beach was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature Wednesday for assaulting a woman with a remote, ash tray, belt and cigarettes.

Myrtle Beach Police responded to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center Tuesday to find the female victim suffering from severe injuries. She had been taken to the hospital after flagging down a witness in a parking lot who called police. EMS transferred the victim from the witness's vehicle to the hospital, where further injuries were observed to her torso.

The victim stated to police that she lived with Miller for three months, and he had just been released from jail for assaulting her.

Miller had woken up in a bad mood and proceeded to hit the victim and pull her hair, she stated. He then hit her with an ash tray, remote control, empty and unopened beer cans, and his belt.

The victim also stated that Miller burned her with cigarettes and poured beer over her head. When she attempted to leave the suspect grabbed her by her hair and hit her. The victim claimed in the police report that she was afraid for her life.

The police report stated that after assaulting her physically, Miller forced her to perform sexual acts and urinated on the victim's face and in her mouth.

The victim stated that Miller choked her.

Officers that responded to the hospital observed swelling to both of the victims eyes, her lips, face, and multiple bruises and burn marks.

Miller, was taken into custody at the Columbus Inn and transported to the Myrtle Beach Jail. Miller is scheduled for have a bond hearing Thursday.

Miller has recently been released from prison for assaulting the same woman prior to this event in early December, and WMBF News previously reported on Miller's violent past.

Public records show Miller was charged with assault and kidnapping in August 2011, charges for which he is still awaiting sentencing. An incident report from August stated that the male victim in that assault was Miller roommate for only one week.

The male victim stated in the report that Miller thought he was openly gay and was making advances on him. When the victim denied what Miller was suggesting, the victim claimed the suspect punched him in the face several times. The victim tried to protect himself as Miller continued beating him.

When Miller stopped, he reportedly forced the victim to get him an alcoholic drink. The victim obliged, and then tried to leave, but Miller blocked the exit.

When Miller passed out, the victim went to friend's house and called police. Responding officers found the victim with severe lacerations on his face. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Officers locate Miller sleeping in the residence he shared with the victim where he was arrested. Miller was charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault.

WMBF News spoke with the victim's neighbors today who said they had no idea anything was wrong.

"We thought they had a loving relationship," says neighbor Nicholas Freigel.

Freigle says he and his wife spotted Miller chasing the victim down the street hours after the time of the alleged assault.

"She's a nice young lady, a kind, caring girl.  I just hope she's okay, I feel really sorry for her," Freigle says.

Miler's bond hearing is scheduled for 9 AM Thursday at the Ted C. Collins Law Enforcement Center in Myrtle Beach.

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