Gang fight mars Christmas party

CHATTANOOGA, TN (CNN/WDEF) Violence marred a Christmas Day teen party in Tennessee, as gunfire sent nine people to the hospital.

The shooting took place around midnight at Club Fathom. Chattanooga police were called to the scene and learned nine people were shot during a fight between two rival gangs.

"Tempers flare, egos get involved and then of course you got some teenagers who choose to carry weapons,"said Police Chief Bobby Dodd.

An off-duty officer was working security at the party and told investigators he exchanged shots with the gunman before he escaped.

"Shots were exchanged between the officer and the suspect," Dodd said. "We don't have any indication that the suspect was hit by the officers' rounds."

Later, residents of a home near the shooting called police to report people in front of their house, threatening to shoot. The suspects had left the home by the time officers arrived.

Internal affairs began looking into the officer-involved shooting while other investigators looked for the suspect and followed up on leads.

Dodd said a 17-year-old sustained the most injury when he was shot in the pelvis and was rushed to surgery. The other victims, four teens and four adults, had non-life threatening injuries.

But the shooting still shook those simply trying to enjoy the holiday season.

"This is supposed to be a very loving time of the year where things like that don't happen,"said resident Susanne Copeland.

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