When it comes to gift returns, stores unwrap big return policy changes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The day after Christmas means big sales, but for some it also means big returns. Stores are expecting more returns today because it falls on a Monday.

Mega Monday also marks the start of the long lines for all those gifts that didn't quite work out.

Shoppers are expected to bring back $46,300,000,000 worth of unwanted gifts to store counters. This expected high number is partly because of the high number of sales this holiday shopping season.

Some stores are planning on having extra employees working those counters to handle the returns, but with all the sales, the goal is to convince shoppers returning their gifts to turn around and spend it on something else.

Some shoppers wait a couple of days after Christmas before they make their holiday returns, while others say they are bound to find themselves waiting in line on one of the busiest days. "I know that will be the case with my kids," said shopper Pat Taylor. "Because inevitably what we bought won't be the right style or color. Or what were you thinking. We wouldn't be caught dead wearing that dad what's wrong with you."

Returners need to reread policies, as a lot of major stores like Target, Sears and Wal-Mart shortened their return periods. The National Retail Federation said 13% of stores tightened the rules for certain merchandise- especially electronics. Most of the changes are on electronics like cameras, cell phones, and personal computers.

These policy changes aren't expected to change the amount of people looking to return those holiday gifts. "We are anticipating a little larger because the day after is on Monday this year. From what it was last year with the day after being on Sunday we felt like more people stayed in last year."

For a lot of stores, if your present came with a gift receipt, make sure to bring it with you to the counter. This way you'll get exactly what was paid for it instead of the lowest recent price.

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