Church celebrates Christmas after building destroyed in fire

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) Members of Anchor Baptist Church in Little River held their Christmas morning services in a funeral home, after a fire two weeks ago destroyed the church's permanent building.

Pastor Carl Wood says the situation isn't ideal, but the fact that his congregation has any place to be together on Christmas is a miracle.

Wood says the loss of their building has brought the church and the surrounding community closer. Other churches and non-members have offered support and space, like Lee Funeral home.

"Lee Funeral Home immediately made their facility available to us for Sunday morning services and then we've had a couple other offers. We're using a church for Wednesday night's service and we've been meeting in homes," said Wood.

Members are grateful to have a place to worship and say it's not about the church itself, but the people who come together to pray.

"We can worship the Lord anywhere we are and to know that they're going to go ahead and worship the Lord here. I'm just thankful for a place that they've got to go worship," said Cindy Lang, who's visiting the church.

Wood estimates the permanent building was about 70-percent destroyed. He hopes insurance will cover the damage, but he's not absolutely sure.

Fire investigators say the fire sparked from a small refrigerator in the nursery.

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