Travelers brace for Holiday trip, brave delays.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Estimates from AAA show that over 92 million Americans are expected to travel for Christmas this year. While some travelers will be taking to the skies, the majority are expected to hit the road.

Transportation authorities say there have been a few instances of winter weather causing some delays so far, but nothing too serious. Drivers coming to Myrtle Beach for Christmas say they're already seeing delays in fair weather.

"Just to go fifty miles, took about three hours in some parts," says Avery Acley, who traveled to the Grand Strand from New York. "The traffic was bumper to bumper."

Acley is a seasoned traveler and has made the route to Myrtle Beach multiple times. He says he always plans some extra time in the drive, stretching it out into a two day trip instead of trying to push through one grueling day of travel.

"Used to, I'd drive all the way through," he says. "But we don't do that anymore. We stay in Fredricksburg overnight."

But some travelers say they're daring the Holiday journey without much of a contingency plan.

"We're flying by the seat of our pants," says Kallese Key. Kallese, her two children, and her dog, Izzy, are flying to Florida. It's the first time they've attempted such a trip, and haven't factored in delays or other complications.

"We don't have a contingency plan and this is Isabella's first ride on a plane. We're being really risk this Christmas."

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