Oakdale neighborhood in Hartsville to be revitalized

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) The City of Hartsville will receive a $500,000 Village Renaissance grant from the Community Development Block Grant program to revitalize a neighborhood.

The CDBG program provides grants to units of local government in nonurban areas of the state for a wide variety of projects including improving community infrastructure, providing public facilities, creating jobs and revitalizing neighborhoods.

The funds will be used to revitalize Oakdale, a small neighborhood adjacent to the city center in need of some improvements. A team of community volunteers and government employees will work to develop the area over a five year span.

Special Projects Director Adam Mathews says the first phase of the improvements will focus on safety in the neighborhood.

"The goal is to create a safer, cleaner, neighborhood that will serve as a model for other citywide revitalization efforts," said Mathews. "The funds from this Village Renaissance grant will be used to complete physical neighborhood improvements in the Oakdale community, the first of which revolve around safety and include installing pedestrian lighting, sidewalks and video cameras that will be monitored by the police.  The next phase will focus on beautification."

Rebecca Rivers, President of Oakdale Neighborhood Association says receiving the grant will certainly make the area a more enjoyable place, but even applying for the funds to better the neighborhood seemed to bring everyone together.

"We have seen a lot more activity and people getting involved in our community. Trying for this grant has helped bring our neighborhood together and will continue to make our area better.  We have a lot of plans for this neighborhood and there will be a lot more good to come."

The Community Development Block Grant program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and made available through the SC Department of Commerce.

The City has received two other CDBG grants for waterline improvements in South Hartsville.  One grant was selected to fund the first phase of the South Hartsville Waterline Upgrade in July of last year. The same project received another award a year later for the second phase of work. The South Hartsville Waterline Upgrade is still ongoing.

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