With only hours left, stores open longer to rake in last minute shoppers

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- When the holiday falls on the weekend, stores usually have to work harder to get you to come out to places like the Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach.

Consumer Reports says 25 percent of Americans still have Christmas shopping left to do, and with 48 hours left until the Christmas holiday, the countdown begins for you to fill your shopping bags with presents.

Sales have been slow for a lot of businesses since the record breaking Black Friday weekend, where shoppers spent 52 billion. And now stores only have half of the weekend to hit those holiday sales marks. But it's still better than last year, As last year the holiday was rough on stores because they didn't have a full weekend to bank on bringing in the "last minute shopper" money.

This year, they have a present- an extra day added on to the end of the week to get you to come through their doors. Since Christmas falls on a Sunday, stores are using tactics like big sales to catch the attention of those last minute shoppers.

Before you hit the stores -- experienced last minute shoppers have tips on how to survive shopping close to Christmas.

"Make a list," said Lisa Hooker. "Otherwise I get confused. Try to keep everything instead of going back and forth. I try to stop at the places in line."

"Kids usually I do earlier because I find that the toys that they want aren't in when you go late," said shopper Laurie Frawley. "But the adult shopping clothes, wardrobe, pants, sweaters I find this time is the best time."

One way stores are catching shoppers' attention-- having longer hours on Christmas Eve. These final hours are the ones that really count for stores. Stores like Target and Toys 'R Us have extended their hours on Christmas Eve this year to pull in those last minute shoppers.

"There's always people that need to buy those last minute gifts," said JC Penney store manager Brian May. "A lot of people don't even start their shopping until Christmas Eve. Especially men. So we see a lot of male consumers in on Christmas Eve."

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