Governor Mitt Romney visits the Grand Strand

© WMBF News Reporter Mark Meredith
© WMBF News Reporter Mark Meredith

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) With Governor Nikki Haley's recent endorsement, Governor Mitt Romney is hopeful to gain South Carolina's vote as the Republican nomination. Romney's recent visit to the Grand Strand included a stop at the Maeser Auditorium on the campus of Horry Georgetown Technical College where he was warmly greeted by hundreds.

Diane Collins said the turnout was overwhelming. Collins said, "There was literally standing room only, not even enough room to breathe."

Voters came out today to get a good look at another presidential candidate. Bill Cline said, "I wanted to see the governor firsthand. I've thought a lot about my vote and I think we need a change."

Governor Romney said he knows the importance of winning South Carolina's support. The importance really hits home when you consider since 1980 no candidate has lost the South Carolina primary and gone on to become the Republican's nominee for president.

Romney said, "The best thing I can do to get the support of South Carolina is begin with the extraordinary endorsement from Governor Haley."

Governor Haley said she considered who she wants to work with in Washington, DC. Haley said, "He took a state and balanced the budget which is what we need in DC-cut taxes 19 times with an 80% Democratic legislature. If we can get those kinds of results in Washington, we'll be flying high."

Some are thinking twice about who they will vote for in 2012. David Wicker said, "As an air traffic controller and a union member I have to vote for President Obama because bush had cut our salary."

Wicker said Romney could still get his vote though. An event like this helps him figure out who he will vote for if Romney gets the Republican nomination. Wicker said, "He is the type of candidate that is union friendly. When he was in Massachusetts, he was dealing with Democrats and unions and they were able to work with him."

Jobs and the creations of the Keystone Pipeline were issues on more people's minds.

Governor Romney said, "It makes all sense to work aggressively and quickly to bring energy here. Obama's administration bows under extreme environmentalists saying no and Canada is going to take energy and send to China-it makes no sense-ought to have the president more concerned about Americans and American people than he is with extreme environmentalists in his own party."

Governor Mitt Romney said he would be spending some time traveling throughout the state of South Carolina hoping to gain voters.

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