Ed Robinson announces candidacy for Florence Mayor

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Current Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela will have a competitor in his race to remain mayor in Florence.

Ed Robinson announced Wednesday he will be running against Wukela and states while he respects Mayor Wukela, he feels Wukela is forgetting about the lower income parts of the city.

Robinson said he wants to help bring up those lower income areas instead of just the downtown area in Florence.

"I think he's a smart man, and he's an ambitious man, but I just don't agree with the way he wants to carry the City," Robinson said. "I just feel like he's missing a part of the whole and I want to bring everything moving on forward."

Additionally, Robinson cited cross-party work Wukela, a Democrat, has been involved in and said Wukela has been working with Republican State Officials for funding and using his work to brand himself for his new campaign.

"Why would a Republican endorse a democratic candidate, unless he had something planned in the future for these Republicans, so just follow the money – money don't elect people," Robinson said.

Robinson said he welcomes a debate.

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