NMBPSD warns: ‘Tis the Season for giving…and taking

From the City of North Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC The North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department reminds residents and visitors that, while the Christmas season is for many a time of giving, there are always those who would rather take.

The department reminds residents and visitors to lock their car doors when they leave their cars unattended, and to either hide from sight or remove from their cars presents, money, laptops, cell phones, GPS and other valuables.

Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. An unlocked car door represents an easy opportunity for a thief to quickly grab what valuables they can. Even valuables left on car seats in a locked car invite a thief to forcibly enter that car to steal.

Public Safety officials also remind residents and visitors to lock their doors once they enter or leave their homes. Also, if you have presents gathered within your home, make sure they are not visible through a window. It is unfortunate but true that, during the Christmas season, some people case homes in search of gifts to steal.

The Public Safety Department also reminds motorists to not drink and drive at any time of the year. When you drink and drive, you place your own life and the lives of others at great risk. And, if you are pulled for drinking and driving in North Myrtle Beach, you will face the full measure of the law.