Bizarre email scam boasts "hit" out on recipients

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) There are many scams running throughout the country, especially during the holiday season, but one Myrtle Beach man was left perplexed after an email stated someone had been hired to kill him.

Sunday evening, Myrtle Beach Police responded to a home along Wild Iris Drive in reference to a harassment call. When they arrived, the victim reported he'd received an email from a person he did not know.

According to the victim, the email stated the sender had been hired by someone to kill the victim, and instructed the victim to not call the police.

What's even more bizarre than the nature of the email was the link at the bottom of the note, which contained a different email address than the one that had sent the email.

In a report, officers said they saw the email, and believed it had been translated from a different language since the grammar and spelling were incorrect. The email in the link was for a account, which the officers were not familiar with.

The victim said he didn't have anyone he was on bad terms with, and thought the email was just a scam wanting him to click the link in order to respond. He told officers he wanted a report to document the incident.

Officers then printed a copy of the email to be entered into evidence. Anyone who might have received a similar email is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency.

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