Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann visits Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann visited the Grand Strand while locals tried to decide who they will vote for.

Bachmann visited the Books-A-Million at the Myrtle Beach Mall Sunday afternoon to sign copies of her latest book Core of Conviction for about a hundred and fifty people who came to meet her.

Bachmann addressed the crowd before the signing. "For 55 years I've lived a consistent, conservative life. That is what people are looking for in the next president, to make bold changes. We need to have job creation."

Bachmann also talked about the importance of being in South Carolina. Bachmann added, "Make no mistake, South Carolina will be the state to choose the next president of the US and I intend to win two times in South Carolina - one in the primary, and the second time in the general, because I have no doubt that we will make Barack Obama a one term president here in South Carolina."

Bachmann's message resonated with on-lookers like Lee Agnelli who was first in line to meet the presidential candidate. Agnelli said, "This is the first time I've been to an event like this, and first off I'm totally impressed. She believes what she says she means and doesn't change her mind."

Some say they are looking for a candidate that does not flip flop on issues important to them, but even after the opportunity to meet Bachmann, some still are not sure who they will vote for.

Peg Mapel said, "I am from Massachusetts so I was leaning towards Romney but not one hundred percent and I really do like Michelle a lot."

For others the decision was made when Herman Cain dropped out of the race. Local voter Roger Allen said, "After I heard Cain dropping out I'll definitely vote for her, and I would like to see her with Rick Santorum maybe as VP."

Others did not find Bachmann's trip to the Grand Strand a welcome sight and they showed up to protest. George Lorenz said, "I am totally against the candidates running. I think as some people say it's a circus. I don't' see most of these candidates on the Republican side as being genuine."

Some voters say the most important issues to them in the 2012 election include repealing the President's health care overhaul, dealing with immigration problems and creating jobs.

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