GOP debate contract expected soon, volleyball tournament moves

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) After much confusion and controversy over where the GOP debate will be held in Myrtle Beach in January, the Myrtle Beach Convention Center Manager says it's possible a contract could be delivered Thursday.

As of right now, Myrtle Beach Convention Center manager Paul Edwards says they still have a contract with the Grand Strand Juniors Volleyball Tournament, but he expects GOP officials to drop off a contract to his office sometime this afternoon.

Once Edwards receives the contract, the volleyball tournament will have the opportunity to surrender their spot to the GOP.

Edwards adds that at this point it's really just a matter of paper shuffling and says they should be able to announce that the GOP debate will be at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center later Thursday. However, until the paperwork is solidified, he can't say that with 100 percent confidence.

Just more than 70 miles away, the Florence Civic Center published a press release stating it will be hosting the Winter Bump Volleyball Tournament Jan. 14-16.  Sticking with the same days, just a different location.

Edwards could say for sure when GOP officials will show up with contract in hand, but he does expect it to be Thursday.

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