Grand Strand city plans to improve how you get to the beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- North Myrtle Beach City Council plans to spend more than half a million dollars to improve the beach street ends. And since you use it, you will be paying for it.

The City Council has just approved spending almost $800,000 on these projects, and now members are looking through designs to work on the four major access points in the area.

The bulk of the money will be spent on the 39th Avenue South and the 46th Avenue South beach street ends -- that adds up to more than 300-thousand dollars each.

Some of the improvements will be more parking spaces for cars and golf carts, permanent public restrooms to withstand hurricane winds, and making the entrances accessible for everyone. Other beach street ends seeing improvements will be 17th Avenue South and 18th Avenue North.

Part of the reason for this project is the city had been hearing feedback from residents and visitors about some of the beach access areas. "It really is a problem," said North Myrtle Beach reside RJ Harris. "You have to park so far away sometimes. Because it's so crowded. It's hard to find parking spaces."

The money for this project will come from the Street Improvement Fund and the North Beach Plantation Parks Improvement Fund. This project is one of the few the city is working on this off-season, like improving major intersections, to help the city better handle tourists and visitors.

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