VT artist says he'll fight giant for his kale

Associated Press

MONTPELIER, VT (AP) A Vermont folk artist expanding his home business built around the words "eat more kale" says he's ready to fight root-to-feather to protect his phrase from what he sees as an assault by a large chicken restaurant chain.

The Atlanta-based company Chick-fil-A said "eat more kale" is likely to be confused with its trademarked phrase "eat mor chikin."

Bo Muller-Moore of Montpelier uses a hand silkscreen machine to apply "eat more kale" to shirts. To him, the phrase is an expression of the benefits of local agriculture, displayed on T- and sweat shirts.

Chick-fil-A has a long history of guarding its trademark. Its lawyer sent a letter to Muller-Moore listing 30 examples of attempts by others to use the "eat more" phrase that were withdrawn after Chick-fil-A objected.

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